Craig Ferguson returns to TV to host ABC's 'The Hustler'

A new ABC primetime game show called "The Hustler" features a group of contestants trying to decide between them the answers to multiple choice questions.

The idea is to come to a group decision, while host Craig Ferguson jokes and moves the action along.

However, there's a big twist -- one of the players knows all the answers.

No one else does.

Not even Ferguson.

"I'm playing the game with everyone else," he said. "The Hustler is the person who, through a series of questions that are set out, tries to conceal their identity until the end. If they can do that, they'll win a whole bunch of money. And if the two remaining contestants can figure out who the Hustler is, they split the money. But either way it's a lot of money."

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Ferguson went on to detail some fascinating background about himself.

He explained that a trip from his native Scotland to Long Island when he was just 13 years old changed his life.

His uncle lived in Smithtown, and the two weeks he spent there on vacation back in 1975 convinced him to eventually settle in the U.S. and later become an American citizen.

Ferguson has hosted other game shows in the past, and he said the format of "The Hustler" is what drew him back to television.

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