The dangers of using sparklers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- We've all heard about the dangers of fireworks for people of all ages, but how about sparklers? Some might think that it's a safer option for children, but doctors say that it can be just as dangerous.

Dr. Stan Spinner, chief medical officer at Texas Children's Pediatrics and Texas Children's Urgent Care, said children should not be handling sparklers.

Every year, there are thousands of people who suffer from fireworks injuries, and some are young children who were burned on their hand or face as a result of the sparks from sparklers.

"What's concerning is the injuries to the eyes. Children hold them too close to their face, and if they're not careful, it could burn the eye and affect their vision," Spinner said.

Spinner said the sparks can be unpredictable and go in a different direction, so he said it's best that children stay away from it. The sparks could cause third degree burns or even worse.

In 2016, 15-year-old Rowdy Radford lost several fingers and part of his leg after a fireworks incident in Sargent during July 4th celebrations.

Rowdy taped together more than 100 sparklers, and when he got ready to light them, the wind caught the flame and the bundle blew up on Rowdy.

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Rowdy Radford lost several fingers and part of his leg and may lose his sight.

Adults should also be extremely cautious about handling them. Spinner suggested that people wear gloves and even consider goggles to protect their face.

If the burn injury is minor, medical staff at an urgent care can provide the necessary services. But Spinner said if the burns are bigger than a silver dollar, then a trip to the emergency room is highly recommended.

"The only safe option is to go to a professional fireworks show. There's really no safe way to handle fireworks," Spinner said.

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