The Chocolate Bar: Houston's golden ticket to all things chocolate

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Trying to satisfy your sweet tooth? The Chocolate Bar offers you the golden ticket to every kind of delectable treat!

Although the logo may feature a martini glass, the Chocolate Bar does not serve any alcohol or adult beverages. Instead they feature homemade, chocolate cookies, brownies, cakes, and twenty-four different ice cream flavors. The store guarantees a fantastic experience and a lasting smile for every customer who walks inside.

While the business has been functioning for sixteen years, the University Boulevard location has been proudly serving the community chocolate for eight years. Using Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as its inspiration, customers will see a chocolate forest growing chocolate in all shapes and sizes, a fun kitchen creating plenty of sweet treats, and Willy Wonka himself flying a crazy helicopter over the store!

With a smile, general manager, Andrew Ortiz, explains, "With the stuff that we have here, you know, you gotta go loud! You gotta go big!" And the Chocolate Bar definitely does go big, especially when it comes to their famous four-layered cakes! These cakes stack on different chocolate combinations with rich icings, creating delicious, intensely chocolate experience.

To add to its confectionery, the Chocolate Bar also offers an entire candy section, featuring international, classic, and popular sweets. While some of the more popular items include BeanBoozled jelly beans and Harry Potter treats, you can also find candy cigarettes, rock candy, and other chocolate desserts!

Finally, as if the sugary sweets weren't enough, the Chocolate Bar also hosts the Houston Swing Dance Society every Thursday night. In their large dining space, these swing dancers teach customers the art of swing, giving everyone a more fun and immersive dining experience!

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