Spring restaurant adds drive-in theater to help families stay connected

SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- As restaurants around Texas remain closed, The Butler House in Spring has transformed into a drive-in movie theater.

"It just shut our hearts out and we started thinking about what could we do, what should we do, and why? That was to keep the relationships and keep families entertained," explained Marina Silver Frenchak, who opened the restaurant with her husband, Bryan, two years ago.

A different movie plays at the restaurant every evening.

Customers leave their windows open as the movie plays on a big screen in front of them. Audio blares from giant speakers outside.

When they want to order, customers simply text food and drink orders to servers, who then bring them out to individual cars.

"The opposite of fear is faith. Just have faith that we're here and we're coming back. We're all going to come back," Bryan Frenchak explained.

"All of this has been a horrible situation for everybody. For every business, for every student, for every family," said Marina Silver Frenchak. "But, in a way, it has brought us all back in time."

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