THANKSGIVING MIRACLE: Daughter saves Dallas Cowboys tickets before home burns in California

DALLAS, Texas (KTRK) -- Some Dallas Cowboys fans didn't let the devastating fire in Paradise, California, stop them from seeing their favorite team on Thanksgiving.

They managed to save their game tickets right before their home burned.

Dale Morgan says his daughter Jaylan called him at work as the evacuation order was given.

"I kept asking him if he wanted anything out of the Cowboy room or something really important," Jaylan said.

"I remembered the tickets were on the desk and I was like, 'Grab the tickets!'" Dale explained.

The family got out safely. Despite losing everything, they still believe this may be their best Thanksgiving ever.

"Of all the Thanksgivings, this is probably the most thankful I am because we are out and we are safe and we are out of the smoke and going to see our team play," Dale said.

The Morgans are now in Dallas for the Thanksgiving classic against the Washington Redskins, which kicks off at 3:30 p.m.
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