Do you think it's too soon to reopen Texas?

Malls across the Houston area were open for business for the first time in weeks last Friday, but with strict guidelines.

To-go shopping was only being offered. This is the first step toward Gov. Greg Abbott's goal of re-opening the Texas economy.

However, in the wake of this, there was some backlash from churches.

A group of north Houston pastors came together Friday afternoon to warn parishioners and the community that the danger of COVID-19 still exists, and asking them to continue to stay home.

"At first diagnosing the health and the breadth and depth of this virus to us is inhumane without having full knowledge of where this virus is, how long it will be here, how can we get rid of it, and at the same time push our people to get out and about and spend money," said senior pastor Montari Morrison at New Faith Baptist Church in northeast Houston. "It is to us, a horrible choice. It is a choice between morals and money."

Abbott's stay-at-home order expires Thursday, April 30.

Most Texans believe the coronavirus will not be contained enough to return to normal activities for several more months, according to a Texas Tribune poll.

The poll asked how people felt about the mandatory two-week quarantine for people testing positive with COVID-19.

James Henson, creator of the poll, said more than 80 Texans were on board.

"When more than 80 percent of Texans approve of something that requires compromises of civil liberties and individual freedoms, we take that as a sign that people are taking that seriously," said Henson.

ABC13's Shelley Childers also conducted an informal poll on her Facebook page to hear from viewers at home.

A majority of people said they think it was too soon to re-open businesses.

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