Neighboring communities have drastically different election results

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Two communities that share the same zip code and high school do not share the same belief about who should be the next U.S. President.

In this year's election, almost 85% of voters in the unincorporated community of Barrett in east Harris County wanted to see former Vice President Joe Biden back in the White House.

The neighboring community of Crosby saw 83% of their voters cast ballots for President Trump.

The political divide was even greater in the 2016 election.

Data shows that almost 94% of voters in Barrett selected Hillary Clinton for president

Across the road, 85% voted for President Trump in Crosby.

Crosby resident Scott Collins said he was surprised by how wide the divide was between the two communities.

"That's the great thing about America," Collins said. "We have the right to have different opinions and different politics. We can talk about it. We don't have to be divisive. I've got a different view on what kind of vehicle I drive. I may like Fords. They may live Chevys. I don't care. Someone may like Nissan. I don't care. Our opinion counts. Their opinion counts just as much as our opinion counts."

Barrett business owner Brandy Woods was not surprised by the numbers. She believes it boils down to the fact that Barrett is predominately African American and they do not feel represented by President Trump's platform.

"Even though it is the same city, there is definitely a divide," Woods said. "Our community has come together so many times to get along and we have tried to make strides, but there is definitely a divide."

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