Texas Payday Law: Texas Workforce Commission enforces wage payment law

ByCommunity Report, Cypress Creek Mirror
Sunday, April 5, 2015

CYPRESS, TEXAS -- The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) helped working Texans collect more than $5.15 million in unpaid wages in 2014.

TWC administers the Texas Payday Law, which requires private employers to provide workers with earned compensation in a complete and timely manner.

"The Texas Payday Law requires employers to pay their workers on time and in full for all work performed," said TWC chairman Andres Alcantar. "The Labor Law program provides workers a venue to effectively resolve wage disputes when they arise."

For more information on wage claim forms and labor law, visit twc.state.tx.us or call 800-832-9243 or 512-475-2670.

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