Hundreds of migrants dropped off in Texas day after Christmas

EL PASO, Texas -- Hundreds of migrants were dropped off in Texas a day after Christmas.

Nearly 500 more migrants were released from ICE custody in Texas Wednesday. This happened after nearly 600 were dropped off in downtown El Paso over the last few days.

"You do not release people to the street, you do not release families to the street with small children, you simply do not do that," Ruben Garcia, the director of Annunciation House said.

According to Garcia, ICE releases about 2,000 migrants a week. He says he communicates with ICE before the release, telling them where the migrants will be taken.

Garcia believes a recent change of ICE policy may be to blame.

"If NGO's that are able and willing to receive refugees cannot receive the numbers that ICE needs to release, they would release them to the street," Garcia said.

Garcia said that CBP and ICE facilities are not built to care for families, and need to be updated.

"If I was a border patrol officer, I would be pulling my hair out trying to figure out "How do I do this?' Because the facilities do not lend themselves to what the immigration flow reality is," he explained.