'HE'S A GREAT HUMAN BEING': How summer camps shaped St. Pius X star into a leader

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- St. Pius X star running back and linebacker, Bruno Forestieri, had two life-changing experiences over the summer which helped him become a better leader.

Going into his senior year, Forestieri spent part of his summer volunteering at 'Camp Blessing' showing kids with special needs love, acceptance and fun.

After that, Forestieri was invited by the United States Marines to train at Marine Corps Base Quantico.

"When he came back from both of those camps you saw a different level of his leadership," St. Pius X offensive coordinator Aaron Carpenter said. "You could see he was a little bit more well rounded. He knew when to put his arm around somebody and he knew when to raise his voice. You can tell it helped develop him not only as a leader but as a man."

Forestieri's biggest take away from this summer was knowing that he had become a better leader, which he tries to instill in his teammates.

"It's just being a leader," Forestieri said. "Marines and the whole military is leaders, daily work ethics and just routines. On the football field it's really the same thing, just on a lesser level because it's not life and death."

Forestieri is not only one of the Panthers team leaders, but he's also a vital player on both sides of the ball.

"I've coached Bruno for four years as a defensive coordinator and I got to see what he really was every single day," said St. Pius X head coach Erik DeHaven. "He is one of those guys who shows up early for weights and stays after to work his craft. It's sad when seniors leave you, but I know he will go on to do great things."
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