Texas farmer confronts thieves picking corn from his field

ELLIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A North Texas farmer confronted two people stealing corn from his field, and it was all caught on camera.

"You weren't embarrassed when you started pulling corn out of the field were you?" Lee Calvert can be heard asking the thieves as he approaches them in the video.

Calvert says recent drought conditions have made things difficult at his farm in Ellis County, just south of Dallas.

Seeing the pair steal his corn was the last straw. Lee says he wouldn't have been so upset, if they had just asked.

Calvert says he grew up farming with his grandfather and father, and they wouldn't have had any problems helping someone either if they needed it.

"I've never seen them turn anyone away that stopped and said, 'Can I pick some sweet corn?'" Calvert explained.

He decided not to press charges, letting the thieves go with the corn they picked.

He hopes the video shows that the American farmer is still alive and working hard for your food.
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