Texas Children's Hospital patients perform Rachel Plattens 'Fight Song'

Thursday, July 23, 2015
Texas Children's Hospital
Meet some of the fighters at Texas Children's Hospital

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It's the video Texas Children's Hospital is hoping a million people will see. About 50 patients perform in the video to Rachel Plattens' "Fight Song" showing the inspiration and magic that takes place inside the hospital walls every day.

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Avery Speaks is one of the stars of the video. The 12-year-old from Pasadena has been fighting leukemia for the past year.

"Just the way the chemo makes you feel and tired," she said "I don't like getting poked all the time."

The girl's big smile radiates from her small frame and head with little hair from treatments. She says making the video was, "really fun. I had a good time even though we had to do it like 50,000 times."

She's got the wave down, too, smiling and waving like royalty for our camera.

The staff says producing the video was very rewarding.

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Physical therapist Lauren Martin says, "I hope they see the fight these kids put in every day and they are still smiling through the whole thing. It gave the kids a chance to be more of a performer than a patient."

"I think it's really rewarding to be able to show the world what we have the joy of doing every day," said Alyssa Demoss, a child life specialist, "These kids go through so much, more than any kid should have to do."

Avery is getting stopped in the halls and elevators now. She says when she first saw herself in the video she said, "Oh my gosh, is that really me?" and says the video is a reminder to all to, "always keep smiling and keep fighting."