Texans players surprise kids at Texas Children's Hospital

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Some big-named Texans players visited kids at Texas Children's Hospital Wednesday. it's all part of the team partnering with the hospital to keep kids healthy.

That partnership officially starts in April, but Wednesday they got a head start with some of the patients getting play time with the players.

"A lot of these kids in here are going through some tough times and anything we can help mentally and physically is definitely welcome," says Texans safety Brian Cushing.

"It's really cool," chimed Koren Richardson who's been in the hospital for three days.

"He's been waiting for this since Monday," adds Koren's father Johnnie Richardson. "He's been real excited about it."

"I've been coming since I was six years old. Last week I got called for a kidney transplant," Luke Romero tells us.

And a few days later, Romero got to rub elbows with the home team.

"I wasn't expecting this, so it made me feel better."

Ryan Leal's son, Jeremiah, has also been in the hospital for three days.

"They tend to get cabin fever and overwhelmed by doctors and all the stuff that they have to do," Leal says. "So it's most definitely a nice window of opportunity to get out and about and meet some of our gladiators that fight for us in Houston."

They got to play air hockey with Chris Myers, Madden with Lonnie Ballentine. They also did arts and crafts with Ryan Mallett, and played Connect Four with David Quessenberry, who just finished treatment for lymphoma.

"I finished my treatments not too long ago, so I can really relate. I know what a lot of kids are going through, so I brought some of the games that I would play in the hospital because I know we'd have a good time," Quessenberry says.

The players and coach Bill O'Brien say this is the least they can do for the community that always has their back.

"I think when you have the positions that we have, especially players but also as coaches in a community like this, it's important to reach out. i wish i could do this more," Coach O'Brien says.

During his visit, David Quessenberry announced that he finished radiation treatment two weeks ago and is officially in remission. He says he hopes to get back on the field soon.
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