Texans safety DJ Swearinger accused of skipping out on bill

Thursday, March 5, 2015
DJ Swearinger (36) is accused of skipping out on a truck customization bill
AP photo

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Texans safety DJ Swearinger is facing trouble over upgrades to his Ford Truck that were not paid for. The incident took place on Monday afternoon at Espi Motors.

Swearinger is accused of skipping out on a $20,000 bill with upgrades that include a $1,250 custom grill, a $1,350 motorized side step and $300 worth of batman decals.

When Swearinger asked for an invoice, and it was not there, he left Espi Motors. No charges have been set yet, as police continue their investigation.

Olizal Mayberry of Bam Marketing spoke on Swearinger's behalf and said "DJ is in Florida training. This is a misunderstanding and he will let appropriate people sort this out."

Mayberry also said he expects this situation to be resolved soon.

Calls to Espi Motors' attorneys have not been returned.