Student who was shot in face rings 'cancer-free' bell after long battle

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- Jamie Hogland, who survived a gunshot wound to the face when she was only a teenager, recently overcame another challenge: cancer.

"Her outlook on life is just unbelievable," said Jamie's mother, Jessica Hogland.

Jamie was shot at her apartment in Stephenville in December 2017. She was attending Tarleton State University. The suspect was arrested and allegedly told police he was at the wrong building and shot Jamie by mistake.

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In the middle of her recovery that left most of her body paralyzed except for one arm, along came more troubling news.

"All of a sudden, we noticed some abnormal bruising and some blood in her urine," said Jessica.

Jamie credits God's timing for saving her life. The bruising was a symptom of something much bigger: leukemia. As soon as doctors confirmed the diagnosis, she went right into treatment.

"They said if I waited an hour or two, I would've been dead," said Jamie.

It's a fight that would make most people give up, but that wasn't the case for Jamie. She spent nine months visiting Memorial Hermann Hospital for chemotherapy and other treatments.

"There's plenty of moments where I've said 'Why?' But it's all part of God's plan."

This month, Jamie received her final chemotherapy treatment and is now in full recovery. Claiming yet another victory, the young woman with an unbreakable spirit says she owes it all to her unshakable faith.

"All due to God," she said. "I'm only here because it's his will."

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