Teen charged with friend's murder got into argument with him over girlfriend before shooting

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An argument led an 18-year-old suspect to shoot and kill his friend last Friday in southeast Houston, prosecutors say.

Jalin Charles has been charged with murder in the death of his friend, 19-year-old Charles Robinson, Jr.

On the night of Jan. 18, police were called to the shooting on Scott Street. When they arrived, they found Robinson dead from several gunshot wounds.

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Investigators discovered that Charles got into an argument with Robinson, allegedly shot him and then ran off.

Robinson's girlfriend told police she witnessed the shooting, prosecutors say.

According to details learned in court overnight, she said she was in a car with Robinson, Charles and another man.

She says Charles called her a derogatory name, and when Robinson defended her, it escalated into the argument. She claims she then saw Charles turn around and shoot Robinson, who was about three feet away from him.

No bond was set for Charles on the murder charge.

He's also charged with assault for an incident last year in which he allegedly punched his girlfriend.

"The defendant started to kick her in the stomach, back, other parts of her body. The complainant stated she felt pain each time she was hit, stating she felt she was hit more than a hundred times," prosecutors said in court.

Charles' bond for the assault charge is set at $5,000.

Sources say Charles and several other suspects have also been involved in a string of robberies.

They believe he is part of a group of four teens tied to upwards of 20 robberies across the area. Sources say the teens either attend or have attended Worthing High School.

The teens are suspected of robbing Metro PCS stores, Subways and Shipley locations, to name a few.

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