Surveillance video captures terrifying attempted robbery at man's front door

MEMORIAL VILLAGES, Texas (KTRK) -- It was a terrifying moment for a Memorial Villages homeowner. A teen attempted to rob him in broad daylight at his front door.

It was all captured on the homeowner's surveillance video.

It happened around 4:30 on Tuesday afternoon. Surveillance video shows the teen walk up the door, carrying what appears to be a bag containing tools. You then see the 16-year-old ring the doorbell. The teen was wearing gloves.

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Teen gunman allegedly run over after trying to rob man at home

After the homeowner opened the door, the suspect told him they were having water problems in the area. Within seconds, surveillance video shows the teen use his other hand to reach for a gun covered by his shirt.

Within seconds, the vigilant homeowner sees the teen reach for a gun. The resident slams the door closed and locks it.

The teen doesn't give up. You then see the teen attempt to kick in the door numerous times. He is not successful and runs off.

The homeowner then followed the teen in his car.

"As he realized that he was being followed by the citizen, he did turn around with the firearm in his hand," said Chief Ray Schultz, of Memorial Villages Police Department. "The citizen then ducked out of the way, ducking below his dashboard and hit the gas in order to get away from the suspect and then eventually hitting the suspect."

Chief Schultz said the suspect was in the intensive care unit, and the district attorney has agreed to charge the teen with attempted aggravated robbery.

"The homeowner was very, very concerned, very shaken up. The fact he had children in the house and an event like this would happen at 4:30 in the afternoon, so he was very concerned," said Schultz.

The police chief added there could be another suspect that was working with the teen, but they haven't confirmed that yet.

The chief said the teen had tattoos associated with gangs and/or criminal activity. There is no word on whether he was affiliated with a gang or had a criminal background.

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