VIDEO: Teen driver racks up 11 violations during one traffic stop

Saturday, June 16, 2018
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A teen driver racks up 11 violations in one traffic stop. She ended up being arrested. One of the violations was an outstanding warrant.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota -- A video released by police in Minnesota shows a teen driver having a very bad day.

It starts with the 19-year-old driver blowing through a four-way stop. St. Paul officers pull the vehicle over, and that's when the infraction start to pile up.

CNN reports it only gets worse from that point. The woman allegedly had an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

Drugs, and open alcohol containers in the car, the list goes on.

Officers eventually took her into custody.

The department shared the video on Facebook, racking up more than 5 million views. According to the video, the driver racked up a total of 11 infractions during that one stop.