Texas ranks as 8th worst state for teen drinking and driving, according to study

Texas ranking in as the 8th worst state in the U.S. when it comes to teen drinking and driving problems.
That's according to a new study by CoPilot, which gathered available data on 36 states. They report that teen drunk driving and teen traffic fatalities in general have been trending downward for years, but the analysis shows Texas is still seeing high numbers.

For one, the study says, 19.4% of high school students reported they have been in a car with a driver under the influence, and 5.3% of students reported they have driven under the influence.

The study also compares statistics for the entire U.S. CoPilot shows that 27.8 % of high school students in Texas reported they drink alcohol. That's compared to 29.2% in the U.S.

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