Teen charged with recording sex video and sharing it on Snapchat: Authorities

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A teen is charged with a felony after he allegedly recorded sex with another teen, didn't tell her he had recorded it and then it shared it on social media.

Cletus Okon-Itrechio, 17, is charged with improper photography/video recording.

Investigators say Okon-Itrechio recorded the act on his phone in July and shared the video on Snapchat.

Court documents say the victim did not know he recorded any video and learned about it from a fellow classmate.

When questioned about the video, investigators say Okon-Itrechio said "You know how guys are and athletes talk and I sent it in the group."

The Harris County District Attorney's Office says that type of behavior won't be allowed.

"This is not acceptable. This is not something that you do when you're that age that is funny. It's not funny, and it could potentially be illegal and if it is, we're going to take action," said Traci Bennett, the Harris County District Attorney Chief of Sex Crimes.

Bennett also cautions teens to think before they act.

"They're so used to these devices that they don't really think about it anymore, and I want them to think before they photograph, before they video and certainly before they share that with other people. What are the consequences, what might you be doing to that person when you make that choice and for parents to be aware this is not 'boys will be boys,' and 'that's what teenagers do.' These are decisions that have long lasting effects on other people," said Bennett.

Social media expert Kami Huyse suggests parents talk to their teens about not only what they put on social media. Huyse said just because "snaps" on Snapchat delete after a certain time doesn't mean they don't stick around forever.

"They need to really consider, even if a platform says it's going to be deleted, it is a persistent thing. It will follow them for the rest of their in their lives," said Huyse.

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