Teen charged with making 'kill list' to shoot classmates at Tennessee school

A 14-year-old boy was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment after making a "kill list," authorities said.

A friend of the student say he was being bullied and the list was a way for him to blow off steam.

"Most people were scared, most people were shocked, most people really just didn't care," Alex Romines told WATE. "Most of us, out of all, were just shocked that something like this could happen."

Romines is an eighth grader at Edgemont Elementary School.

"It all just happened all of a sudden everything. Not a lot of people talk to him, only a couple people ever talked to him, he's a pretty good kid once you get to know him," Romines said.

WATE reported that a tip from a concerned parent, whose child saw threatening posts on social media, led to the investigation.

The teen allegedly only wanted to scare his classmates that were bullying him, deputies said.

No one was hurt, but parents with kids in the Cocke County school district say this hits too close to home and too soon after Wednesday's mass school shooting in Florida.

Cocke County Sheriff Armondo Fontes said the child was disgruntled, had motive to commit a shooting and had access to a gun. While he did not follow through with injuring anyone, he did intentionally create legitimate fear, he said.

"They don't need to brush it off as 'Oh I thought he was just joking around,'" Fontes said. "We actually had a statement today where students said that. It's not joking around."

The student is getting mental health treatment and the students involved in the bullying have been spoken to by school officials.
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