Ted Nugent grabs crotch on stage during Trump rally

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI (KTRK) -- Ted Nugent rallied voters for Trump with some off-color gestures during the final weekend of campaigning in the 2016 election.

The classic rocker grabbed his crotch during his message before a Michigan audience, yelling, "I've got your blue state right here, baby! Black and blue!"

Nugent told voters their enthusiasm needed to carry over from the event and straight to the voting booth.

"Each and every one of you only has 24 hours to convince the numb nuts that you know that you can't vote for criminals, you can't vote for liars, you can't vote for scam artists, you can't vote for those who would take from the producers and give it to the blood suckers anymore," Nugent said.

Nugent's appearance comes after a star-studded weekend on the campaign trail.

Hillary Clinton rolled out a laundry list of celebrity surrogates this weekend, including an Ohio concert featuring Jay Z and Beyoncé, a campaign stop with LeBron James, an original song by Stevie Wonder, and a final pitch by America Ferrera.

Donald Trump accused the Clinton campaign of "cheating" with these appearances, and says the former Secretary of State couldn't draw crowds without their help.

The Trump campaign, meantime, questioned the appropriateness of Jay Z's explicit lyrics after the concert.

Nugent is not without his own history of using colorful language on the campaign trail.

Back in 2014, Nugent called President Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel" during the Texas governor's race.

Former Gov. Rick Perry condemned Nugent's words. He later apologized.
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