Woman turns to ABC-13 to help fix cable problems

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- She wanted cable and Internet but only got a bill. So a Houston woman turned to Action 13 for help.

When Tyresa Morgan wants to watch TV, she can't -- even though Morgan ordered Comcast cable and Internet five months ago. The problem? The cable and Internet equipment never arrived.

"I was under the impression that OK, eventually someone is going to come out and deliver what I am paying for, I called multiple times and no one ever came to deliver anything," said Morgan.

The one thing Morgan says that did arrive was the monthly bill. So she called Comcast to ask about the missing equipment.

"Every time I called to tell them that, it seemed like they could not comprehend it, you know, they said, 'Our records show we delivered it,' but it's not at my house," said Morgan.

With no way to watch TV or surf the web Morgan says she stopped paying the bill. Not long after Comcast sent technicians to her apartment.

"I did have two Comcast agents come actually, but it was to pick up the equipment that was never delivered so I found that very ironic," said Morgan.

Despite the problems, Morgan says she really would like to have Comcast cable. So we called the company.

Late Friday Comcast told us equipment was mistakenly delivered to wrong address. The company will refund her payment and waive the installation fee if she chooses to have Comcast professionally install the equipment.

The company has made a note on Morgan's account, so all she has to do now is call to set up a time for the installation -- and then sit back and watch ABC-13.
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