Blue light from devices could get in way of good night's sleep

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Anyone under the age of 10 has never known a world without smart phones.

But a new study from the University of Houston College of Optometry shows cell phones before bed are keeping kids from sleeping well.

"It keeps them from falling asleep and it keeps them from sleeping restfully, and we think that's because of a decrease in Melatonin," explained Dr. Lisa Ostrin. "The Melatonin is suppressed because of the bright light coming into our eyes."

She recommends putting cell phones away at least two hours before bed.

But, if that's not possible, try blue blocking glasses. You can find a good pair for about $10.

"The blue portion of the spectrum that's emitting from the devices is blocked by the lenses," Dr. Ostrin said. "That's the part that's telling our bodies it's still daytime, we should be awake and alert."

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