Toilets of the future, are here today

No need to be embarrassed, everybody uses them. Some call it the commode. Others refer to them as the head, bowl, John, even their throne. While the toilet goes by many names, it only serves one function. But that's all changing, thanks to modern technology.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber whose been in the business for nearly 40 years. He said "if you told me that electronics and plumbing would mix, I would have thought you're crazy."

But that's where the industry is headed. The Numi by Kohler is just that: smart. When you approach it, the seat automatically raises.

Del Grande added "it has heated seats, so the seat will be nice and warm when you sit on it."

And while you're on the throne, the remote control can keep you occupied. With presets for up to 6 people, it has settings to heat your feet in the morning. You can also personalize the bidet.

"You want to make sure you get everything nice and clean. And the bidet also cleans itself," Del Grande said.

Added Bluetooth connectivity allows your phone to play music through the Numi as well.

"The list price on something like this will be about $6500," Del Grande told us.

Also on the market is the Neorest 750-H.

Jesse Bain with Toto USA said "the user has control with the remote control over the temperature of the seat, the temperature of the water, and the temperature of the dryer."

A common theme with these smart toilets is the built-in bidet.

"The washlet bidet seat will cleanse the user with warm aerated water," Bain explained. "We can also oscillate and pulsate the wand."

The Neorest can also remove unwanted odors from the bathroom.

"We pull the air out of the bowl, run it through a carbon filter, and you have clean fresh smelling air coming out of the system," Bain said.

If you're not a fan of toilet scrubbing, this toilet cleans itself.

"This photocatalytic reaction breaks down organic waste and washes it away," Bain said.

So if you're in the market for a self-cleaning customizable toilet, the list price for the top of the line Neorest 750H is $10,200.

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