Florida businessman says funeral holograms are the way of the future

WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- Funerals are going high-tech by allowing the recently departed to appear at their own services in the form of a 3-D hologram.

The president of Aim Holographics in Florida came up with funeral holograms as a way to offer words of encouragement by the dearly departed.

"It gives you an opportunity to you talk to the people who won important to you in your life and really now that you're gone, let them know how meaningful they were to you," Carl Minardo told WPEC-TV.

Clients pre-record their eulogies in a 3-D holographic studio. They're played on projector screens.

"It's as realistic as you can get without being you," Minardo said. "Other than you coming up and talking to me, this is the closest it's ever going to be, because it's three-dimensional."

The company is hoping to cash in on the 76 million Baby Boomers driving the funeral industry.
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