ABC-13 launches #abc13eyewitness

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Be part of the Eyewitness News team (KTRK)

The ABC-13 news gathering team is growing everyday, and it now includes you. You are the best eyewitness we could possibly have, and you're everywhere we need you to be: on the streets, in the neighborhoods, witnessing breaking news, tipping us off to great stories.

So we're asking for your help.

Shoot the video, take the picture, send story tips, and simple post them to social media using the hashtag "abc13eyewitness." We want to show them on the air, and give you the credit.

We have a couple of quick tips to help the process.

First, and most important, shoot your video horizontally. That means turn your phone sideways. It makes a much better picture on TV.

Second, be sure to include the location and time in your post. Use any remaining space to add more info.

After that, there's no need to email or send files. Just type #abc13eyewitness on the social media app of your choice.

Remember, though, do not to put yourself in any danger to get video. Shoot from a distance if you need to.

Welcome to the Eyewitness News team, and thank you for helping us cover every corner of the Houston area.
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