Senator Garcia expected to take Congressman Gene Green's seat in Congress

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018
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"TONIGHT, WOMEN SPOKE": State Senator Sylvia Garcia is claiming victory after beating a field of seven candidates without a runoff.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- State Senator Sylvia Garcia is poised to join the Texas congressional delegation after a decisive victory at the ballot box.

Garcia was able to edge out six opponents without a runoff for Congressman Gene Green's seat on Tuesday night.

Political analysts say Garcia will now cruise into Congress, taking the reins of District 29 from the retiring Green.

"Tonight, women spoke," Garcia said, in her victory speech. "Tonight we voted and we voted loud and clear. And we said elections can't be bought, and what matters is people. So what matters is fighting on and someone being there willing to fight, willing to stand up, and willing to serve the people, and that's what I intend to do."

WATCH: Why Gene Green supported Garcia's congressional bid

At the watch party in the East End, Garcia supporters were in a celebratory mood, taking photos and making plans of support for the November general elections.

The numbers, trickling in through the night at a slow clip, had Garcia feeling cautiously optimistic.

She reportedly told her supporters not to count the chickens until they hatch, according to Congressman Green. By the numbers, it appears the chickens were good.

Congressman Green, who ran against Garcia for the seat in 1992, threw his support behind the senator in the crowded Democratic race in Congressional District 29.

"The reason I supported Sylvia is she's a legislator, and that's what a member of Congress should be. On the legislative side, it's give and take," Green said. "I have to compromise with my Democrats and obviously my Republican colleagues. She knows how to do that to be successful to represent this district in Washington."