La Porte homeowner detains suspect and leaves him in closet until police arrived

LA PORTE, Texas (KTRK) -- A suspected burglar was arrested Monday night after a man spotted him lurking in his backdoor and detained him.

Just before midnight on Monday, La Porte police were called to a neighborhood where a man saw the suspect, Oscar Alvarado Jr., on his home security camera sneaking by his back door.

Upon arrival, officials learned that the 25-year-old had broken into the house and was being held by the homeowner, in a closet.

Police did not say if the homeowner used a weapon to convince Alvarado to stay in the closet.

Now, officials have a message to would-be criminals.

"It is incredibly dangerous in the state of Texas to break into a home at night, and I'm talking about from the suspect's point of view. In the state of Texas, the homeowner has a right to protect himself and his home and he can use up to deadly force with that," said Sergeant Bennie Boles with the La Porte Police Department.

Police say they found Alvarado's vehicle nearby with possible stolen items from another home burglary.

Alvarado now faces two charges of burglary. He is being held on an $80,000 bond
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