Surveillance video shows barefoot child break into north Houston smoke shop

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Shocking surveillance video shows a child breaking into a smoke shop on Houston's north side, all while it appears an adult is outside directing the boy on what he should steal.

"It's real sad. I got four kids. It's like, he could be one of my kids," store owner Shy B said.

Shy closed up the store on the 4400 block of Airline Monday night and got a security alert just two hours later. He arrived to find a lot of damage to the store.

After checking the video, he saw the boy climbing to the top of the window and landing inside the store. The video also shows that he appears to have been barefoot the whole time.

Houston police are investigating, but tips from the public could help solve the crime.

The crooks stole about $300 worth of product, but Shy says the damage being done to the child is much greater.

"They risk their freedom and life for two backpacks and a couple of cigarillos," Shy said. "How can you put a child in danger like that?"

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