Southeast Houston restaurants working together to bring in customers

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- As they get ready to partially re-open, restaurant owners in areas south of Houston are working together to bring in customers.

"I feel like Houston has a lot of support systems, but out on our side of town, we're kind of the burbs and we don't necessarily get the same love," explained chef and wines sales representative Chris Colin.

So, Colin created a "Supporting Southeast Houston Area Restaurants" Facebook page last month, where you can find all the latest on local restaurant deals and information.

"Everyone in the area understands the hardships we're going through, so they're making an effort to order out for dinner, supporting us," said Charles Nguyen, the owner of Nobi Public House and Hyde Park in Webster. "They're very generous with tipping for the staff because they know people are going through hard times. Seeing that - it's very touching."

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