Senior living complex residents on edge after crime spike

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Residents at a seniors-only housing complex in Sunnyside are on edge after multiple crimes at their complex including at least two assaults.

The incidents happened at the Mariposa apartments near Highway 288 and Reed Road, according to Houston police.

Adlonia Broussard has lived in the complex for several years and said she and other residents feel like sitting ducks.

"I feel like I can run fast, but if you're caught off guard, I'm going to be a victim too," Broussard said. "You're like a prisoner in your house, scared to go out after dark."

Another resident who asked that her identity not be revealed said she too lives in fear, especially after an assault last month left two seniors beaten.

"They were coming home from work at 10:30 in the evening. They were attacked from behind. Their heads were bloodied. The bones were broken in their eye," the resident said.

Bonner Carington, owner of the complex, acknowledges crime is a problem. They're working with police and hosting community meetings to raise awareness about the risks and ask residents to watch out for one another, a representative said.

They have also hired a new security company in the last few weeks, according to the representative.

Broussard said she hasn't noticed any changes and she's planning to move, something she said many others can't afford to do.

"They are just stuck here to deal with it. More or less, just see what happens and hope it's not them that's the next victim," she said.

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