Road Trippers: Bastrop and the Lost Pines

BASTROP, TX (KTRK) -- As we get into the summer camping season, some of you may be planning a trip to the Lost Pines in Bastrop.

Well, your Texas RoadTrippers, Pooja Lodhia and Steve Campion, are doing the legwork for you - checking out what you can do in one of the state's oldest communities.

"It's charming. It's not only charming. It's loving. It's a city both pioneering and preserving," explained Georgina Ngozi, with the Bastrop County Historical Society.

Bastrop is a city just about 7000 people. It's best known for its state park, which was ravaged in the state's worst wildfire ever, back in 2011.

"You see the devastation of the fire and you also see the renewal of the pines," Ngozi said. "It's just really powerful. It says something about the Earth."

But, for Pooja and Steve, the best part of Bastrop was its Historic Chicken Sanctuary. The one block of Farm Street is protected by law, so feral chickens roam freely.

"They start about 3 o'clock in the morning," laughed resident Shay Clawson. "No, you don't sleep in around here. They're loud."

You can learn more about Bastrop, by clicking here.
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