Student injured after bathroom sink falls at Stafford Elementary School

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Student injured after bathroom sink falls at Stafford Elementary School

A Houston mom wants answers after a bathroom sink fell and injured her daughter at Stafford Elementary school.

Kristina Boone told Eyewitness News that the sink fell and cut her daughter on March 22.

"She has stitches that's going to be permanent on the inside," Boone said.

She's still waiting for answers as to how it happened.

"When she fell on the porcelain, it tore several arteries in her arm," Boone said. "She lost a lot of blood."

A school spokesperson addressed the incident by saying, "The district personnel accompanied the student until medical took over. The district wishes the student a fast and speedy recovery. The sink was inspected in February 2018 and it was determined to be safe. The school has made efforts to reach out to the child's mother."

The school's principal left a message on Boone's phone Monday afternoon.

"We just wanted to check in to see if Mariyah is doing OK. I'm certainly sorry to hear about the incident," the voicemail said.

Boone has hired a lawyer and she is considering what to do next, including where her daughter will go to school.

"She laid on the floor the other morning and she said, 'I can't do this mommy. I can't.' She's 10. No 10-year-old should have to go through what she went through," Boone said.

Boone is not sure if Mariyah will return to Stafford Elementary School once she heals from her wounds.
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