Stretch Your Dollar: Spotting counterfeit products online

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We have a warning for anyone who likes to shop online.

Internet market places are flooded with counterfeit goods, and we are not talking about fake luxurious handbags. Many of these are everyday items that are popular with consumers.

San disk SD memory cards, Apple iPhone charges, Beats headphones and Gillette Fusion razor blades are just some of the most popular products sold online that are counterfeited and sold as the real thing.

The folks over at say Amazon and eBay marketplaces are ideal outlets for counterfeits. Popular fakes include auto parts, cosmetics, drugs, electronics, sporting goods and toys, and consumers have no idea the products are fakes.

The Better Business Bureau suggests sometimes it's worth it to pay a little more for the real thing.

So how can you spot a fake? The is a site that updates consumers on the latest fake online products and trends. On the site, you can type in any product and it will let you know immediately if a fake has been spotted, specifically what site and when.

Amazon says they are fighting the frauds by aggressively pursuing the bad guys. Ebay is also working against the fakes with their eBay against counterfeits policy.
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