Stranger picks up dinner tab for 11 teens going to prom

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Friday, May 3, 2019
Stranger pays dinner tab for 11 teens headed to prom
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Stranger pays dinner tab for 11 teens headed to prom

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland -- Nearly a dozen high school students will never forget their prom night. Not because of the dance itself, but because of the generous stranger who picked up their dinner tab.

The joy within a conference room at Clarksburg High School is thanks to this mysterious woman.

Eleven friends ate dinner at Ted's Bulletin in Gaithersburg ahead of their prom. The teens were sitting in their dresses and tuxes at their table when their waiter announced a stranger had picked up the entire bill.

"And I think at that point we were like, 'What? You have to be kidding,'" one of the students told WJLA.

After enjoying appetizers, entrees and shakes, the group walked up to the woman's table and took a photo.

"You could sense the generosity and genuineness of what she was really doing and how happy she really was to be doing this selfless act," one of the teens said.

The teens estimate their bill was more than $250.

The only problem was the group got caught up in the moment and didn't catch the generous woman's name.

"Having our whole dinner paid by a stranger is just something that you'll never forget," one of the teens said. "I would definitely love to meet her again, just give her another hug."

"We'd love to thank her like a million times over and tell that she made our special night that much more memorable, and that it was something we'll never forget," another teen said.