'Stop killing children': Houston activists call for 'cease fire' after growing number of shootings involving kids

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Community activists in Houston called for an end to gun violence in the area.

"We're tired of seeing our babies in caskets. Cease fire," Abdul Haleem said.

Organizers say this year alone, there have been 14 children killed from violence, many of the cases being from gun violence.

Chris Sevilla, the father of Jazmine Barnes, said parents have to make better decisions to protect their kids.

The father of Kameron Jones, the child who was killed in a drive-by shooting that targeted the wrong house, also called for a cease fire.

"I think the hardest part in this whole situation is seeing it continue with other kids. I hoped it was just a freak accident, but it's not," said Jones' father, Kenyatta Jones. "We need to make a change. Stop the violence. Stop killing kids."

Activists said people think that it cannot happen to them, but they're wrong.

"Jazmine Barnes, Kameron Jones, Maleah Davis are our kids and parents need to get the message to young people to stop pointing guns at kids and cease fire," Haleem said.


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