Artist loses tools and commissioned works when family-owned studio burns

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Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Artist loses tools and commissioned works when family-owned studio burns

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK) -- The family-owned art studio behind some of Houston's most visible creations was left in ruins from a fire just two weeks before Christmas.

Their commercial art business Smash Design may not be a household name, but their creations are likely familiar.

Artist Steven Ramirez is the brain-child behind the Alvin shop, where he's conceived brand displays for James Harden and Adidas, as well as set designs for Gabriel Iglesias at the Toyota Center.

Ramirez also created the famed Toro entrance at the Houston Texans fan shop.

His studio was destroyed by fire on Tuesday, taking everything of value.

"Tons of tools, years of tools, pneumatic tools, supplies. We had two big projects, we had a large ice cream sculpture we were finishing up, and another statue we were finishing up for a couple businesses and those went up. So it was just. The amount of tools was just unreal, talking several hundred thousand dollars' worth of tools," Ramirez said.

Because of his type of business, the art shop was never covered by insurance.

The family now has to start from scratch.

In addition, Steven and wife Ferrin are no strangers to the community, using their boat during Hurricane Harvey to rescue more than 100 people.

Their family says the couple housed strangers during the aftermath, gathered donations and continue to foster dogs for an animal shelter.

They are prepared to spend their holidays cleaning up from this fire, but are already looking toward the future.

"Rebuild and start over, that's all we can do. Just some determination and grit and just do it," said Ramirez.

If you would like to help this family re-start their business, you can donate through their GoFundMe account here.

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