State Trooper followed gut feeling to stop potential Google attack

An Iowa State Trooper is being credited with stopping what could've been an attack at Google headquarters.

Trooper Ryan Zenor came across a truck that crashed in a ditch, everything was on but no one was inside.

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Zenor ran the license plate, realizing the truck owner had a violent past. He found the suspect at a nearby convenience store and started questioning Kyle Long, who said he was going to Google headquarters for a meeting.

33-year-old Maine resident Kyle Long was arrested in Mountain View after a cross country drive to confront Google about his YouTube account.

"He never just came out in direct threats, he kind of worked around it that if they wouldn't have this meeting, he was going to make a meeting happen. That was kind of the final, this information must get passed on," recalled Zenor.

Zenor shared the information with California authorities who arrested Long for making threats. Zenor says he was just doing his job.
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