Local church using the 'Star Wars' force to relate to members

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away -- there was a church called The Bridge Fellowship Church.

"We don't care about being a religious place," said Lead Pastor Scott Rambo. "We really want to take whatever we can find from the culture and use that as an opportunity to translate that over to what we think is timeless truth that the Bible has to talk about."

For three weeks this December, The Bridge is all about Star Wars. There are decorations, games, even a huge Styrofoam X-Wing Fighter jet hanging up above the pastor.

"In Star Wars you have themes of good vs. evil. You have redemption, you have heroes, you have villains," said Pastor Kenny Dean. "As a matter of fact, this Sunday, we're talking about what would Jesus say to Darth Vader and I believe people will identify more with Darth Vader more than they want to, yet the message that they're going to hear may actually catch them off guard in an amazing hopeful way."

The goal is to provide new perspectives for worshipers.

"We can't change anybody's life, but creating a message that maybe they're familiar with, and feel comfortable with to hear a message maybe they've never heard before will cause them leaving wanting more," Dean explained.
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