Stafford girl home after being kidnapped from bus stop: Police

STAFFORD, Texas (KTRK) -- Neighbors in a Stafford neighborhood are reacting after a shocking bus stop crime: a child taken by a possible stranger.

"I don't believe this bus stop is safe, period," one woman said.

Wednesday morning, authorities say a 12-year-old waiting at a bus stop near South Kirkwood and Lebon Lane was approached by a grown man claiming to be a substitute teacher.

He asked for directions to a nearby school. According to police, the young girl somehow ended up in the man's car and they disappeared.

Hours later, about 12 detectives said the young girl returned home and told her parents what happened.

Police won't tell us what happened during the several hour time frame she went missing, but they want the community to know they believe the man is very dangerous.

Several photos released by Stafford Police show this man parked at a gas station and outside of his car. This man is being called a person of interest.

They're asking anyone from the public who may know him to come forward.

We asked police if they believe the man is known to the girl or if she was forced in the car. That is still under investigation.

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