St. Thomas High School students are soaring with excitement for science

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's not often you see kids actually excited about their classrooms, but students at St. Thomas High School have been looking forward to a new science wing for more than a year.

"I walked in here at least five times without them knowing," said sophomore Jadon Yeboah.

Yeboah and his classmates now have a 9,000-square-foot science wing that's designed for hands-on learning.

Even the chairs roll around so students can easily move from classrooms to labs.

"Science is a verb," said Daniel Bryant, the dean of the school's science department. "You've got to be active when you're doing this."

Bryant was a student at St. Thomas more than 20 years ago.

Since then, technology has changed the way students learn.

Bryant's goal now is to integrate technical advances in the classroom instead of fighting against them.

"So much of the world around us is technology based, and people tend to take that for granted these days," Bryant said.

"We want them to actually appreciate what's around them and what they're working with so that way they can move forward and be the next innovators."
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