Suspect dead in officer-involved shooting near SF hospital

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- An alleged robbery suspect was killed during a police-shooting at the construction site at CPMC St. Luke's Hospital campus on Cesar Chavez Blvd. in San Francisco.

San Francisco police received calls at around 4:15 p.m. of reports of a suspect, a Hispanic man in his 20s, with two firearms who walked on to a construction site just west of St. Luke's Hospital.

"Responding officers rushed to the scene and heard shots fired as they arrived," said San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr. "They exited their vehicles and looked up and atop the construction elevator was a suspect in white coveralls holding a rifle and pointing it at the hospital."

Officers directed their firearms at the suspect as the suspect pointed the rifle down below. Three officers fired, neutralizing the suspect, Suhr said. The suspect then died.

No one appeared to be injured in the incident, Suhr said.

"It's very fortunate that nobody else was very seriously injured or killed," he said.

Police say the gunman robbed a Big 5 Store in San Bruno and stole a rifle. Authorities say the rifle used at the hospital matched the gun stolen from the Big 5 Store. The suspect description also matched. Police say the gunman robbed the store with the handgun.

Hospital officials say the police shooting started with some type of altercation near the emergency room. It then moved next door to Saint Luke's new site where witnesses say shots were fired on top of the building. One of the construction workers called police.

It was unclear how the suspect climbed to the top of the construction site, but a construction worker speculated he may have taken the stairs, police said.

The hospital is now on lock down, but police are beginning to open up the area to traffic.

ABC7 News viewer Ruth Segura tweeted photos of police on the scene. She says shots were fired on top of a building.

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