Family seeking justice after tragic loss of 19-year-old

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Rudy Pleytez and his family are now grappling with shattered hope. Thursday they learned their loved one, 19-year-old Jackie Pleytez, was not going to survive.

Just a week earlier, Jackie was going about her normal routine, making a run to the store to grab ice cream. She was on the north freeway near Spring High School.

"Sitting at a red light with her seatbelt on, doing everything the right way," Rudy said.

Precinct 4 deputies say Jahson Albert came barreling through cars, hit a curb and went airborne.

The car landed on Jackie's, and Albert was later charged with aggravated assault. Deputies say he was high off of marijuana.

Jackie had dreams of becoming a pediatrician, being a volunteer at Texas Children's Hospital. She was devoted to her faith and family.

What was taken from the Pleytez family is a loss they can never get back.

"It has destroyed our family. Our family will never be the same after this tragedy," Rudy said.

Jackie's family is seeking justice. For now, no additional charges have been filed against Albert

"We want this guy to feel the pain that we're feeling. He's at home relaxing, got a little tiny bond that anybody can go and pay," a family member said.

A GoFundMe has been started in her honor. Nearly $7,000 has been raised.

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