Mother of 4 kids abandoned breaks down in court, 'I have no family nearby'

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- A mother accused of leaving her four children alone for days at their home in Spring appeared back in court Monday.

Huff's attorney spoke with media members about her clients' court appearance.

"Today was basically for the court to inform my client of her bond conditions. He also informed her of her statutory rights, just in case she didn't understand them when she was in jail," said Huff's attorney Emily DeToto.

Huff is accused of leaving her children alone for at least two days while she visited the children's father, Markel Dorsey, who had a court order preventing him from coming near Huff or the kids. Deputies said they found the couple just 30 minutes away in a hotel near Highway 6.

Huff was told in court Monday that she must comply with Child Protective Services' order concerning her children. She will have no visitation and will continue with a CPS service plan.

"She does not have custody of her children," DeToto said. "Her children are being raised by her grandparents. Right now, our goal is to get her in a good mental place so she can be reunited with her children."

When asked by the judge if she has anyone to help her, Huff broke down in tears and said she has no nearby family. And It is just her, her kids, and her kids' father, Markel Dorsey. She also told the judge that she suffers from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and paranoia.

A few hours after the children were discovered, Huff's grandparents took custody of the children.

When asked why she went to the motel, her attorney said, "I think it's an abusive relationship, and (Dorsey) is actually convicted, or on bond for assaulting her, so the dynamic was probably that she felt compelled. He is the father of her children. I think there is some battered spouse syndrome in there somewhere."

The judge told Huff that the most important thing right now is that she takes care of herself mentally.

Last Saturday, Angela Huff spoke exclusively with ABC13 after being bonded out of jail. Huff is being charged with abandoning a child under 15.

"I love my kids very much, and I made a bad decision," the 27-year-old mother said moments after she was released.

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'I love my children and I made a bad decision' Angela Huff speaks to ABC13 after being released out on bond

ORIGINAL REPORT: Mother charged with child endangerment after 4 children found alone in Spring, sheriff says

A group of teenagers said they spotted three children wandering the streets around their Spring home. They then went into the house and said they found the infant who had allegedly just fallen out of her crib.

The teens took pictures of the inside of the home and they told ABC13 the house was in pretty bad shape.

As for the father of the children, Markel Dorsey, he remains behind bars and is scheduled to go back before a judge Friday. He faces charges of violating a protective order and fleeing from officers.

This is not the first run the couple had had with law enforcement, according to court records. Dorsey was already out on bond for charges of family violence.

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