HTX+: Spring and Klein students sworn into the US Army with special ceremony

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- Local Spring and Klein students embarked on the next chapter of their lives Wednesday as they were sworn into the U.S. Army with a special ceremony.

Mostly high school seniors, along with a few college students, got ready to enlist in the service as their families were there to witness the very special occasion.

Approximately 40 enlistees from the area took center stage with their right hands raised, accepting the oath to serve our country with honor and dignity.

Command Sergeant Major Daniel Hendrex with the U.S. Army said, "This part of Texas supports the military, and more importantly what our responsibility is, is to take care of the sons and daughters that they're letting come to wear the cloth of the nation."

Kristopher Kubecka is a senior at Klein Collins High School and enlisted last September. After graduation, he's going straight into the Army.

"It's just kind of how I was raised," Kubecka said. "There was always someone in the military. My uncle did a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan. Looking at what he did made me want to join."

This was one of the larger recruit groups from one community in Texas that was sworn into the U.S. Army, and each of them are very excited to see what's to come.
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