New details revealed of suspects accused of shooting at undercover officers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Three suspects accused of shooting at undercover Houston officers faced a judge where we learned new details of the operation and of the suspects.

The suspects, 31-year-old Xavier Francis, 27-year-old Roy Johnson, and 28-year-old Wesley Brown face drug charges related to Tuesday night's incident.

During court, it was revealed that Brown was allegedly found with more than five pounds of marijuana, while Johnson and Francis were arrested with more than 18,000 grams of THC.

The shooting happened Tuesday night as an undercover sting into burglaries at Spotts Park. During the sting, police said they tried to pull over a suspisicous vehicle but the driver sped off. Officers were able to track them to Springhill and Lydia, where the shooting erupted.

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"In short succession, the officers were shot at by multiple shooters from the Ford Taurus, behind the tree, the store and around the corner of the store in what can be described as a coordinated ambush," the prosecutor said.

The three suspects have not been charged for firing on officers. Prosecutors added that one of the suspects, Francis, was out on bond for murder and aggravated assault of a public servant.
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