Young or old, wait for championship too long

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- No matter how old you are, the Astros made us all wait a long time for this big moment.

"Especially in the last two games when the Astros could have won it all, I stayed up late like 9, 9:30 last time," Morgan Banks said.

Banks is eight years old.

For others, like Jeannie Morgan, the wait was a little longer than just two hours past bedtime.

"A lot of years," Morgan said.

Morgan moved to Houston in 1985 and has cheered them on ever since. Before this year, she cheered through some pretty lean times.

"I've probably seen more losses at this point," Morgan said.

ESPN reported the Astros have lost more games in the last ten years than any other team in baseball. We now wonder what will become of the one-time eighth wonder of the world.

The company that opened the new field is history and the old owner who relentlessly asked:

"Are we going to be a champion?" Ted Oberg asked back in 2008. The question was posed to then-owner Drayton McLane.

His answer?


He had to wait six years after selling the team for it to come true.

Today baseball experts credit new owner Jim Crane's 'save now - win later', analytics-first philosophy.

"He was invested in it for the long haul and here we are, World Series champions," Morgan said.

After waiting 55 years for the first championship, fans don't think it'll take long for the second.

When will we see another big win?

"Next year," said 10-year-old Carson Banks, Morgan's brother. "They're a really good team."

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