Former Lamar University linebacker camped out for chance with Houston Texans

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An opportunity to play in the NFL can be the sole goal for some football players. Unfortunately for some, life events can alter plans and leave a player's career behind. This was the case for Sean Mock (a.k.a. HOGG), who is currently camping out in front of the Texans practice facility in hopes of the opportunity to try out and make the roster.

"I've been playing football my whole life, so it basically comes easy to me. I'm blessed with the talent to be able to play such a sport," said Mock, who talked about the birth of his daughter during college that put a halt to his football career.

He said he has a plethora of people who look up to him and he wants to make it easier for them and his daughter.

For now, Mock is trying to get the attention of the Texans, holding a sign that reads, "I'm still here willing to sack quarterbacks for food to feed my family. I'm not leaving."

Mock's football career took place close to Houston, attending Forest Brook High School and Blinn College. He was a teammate of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton during their time at Blinn. Mock would transfer to Lamar University in Beaumont to finish his collegiate career and now wants to contribute to an NFL team.

Friends of Mock have seen time in the NFL. Lawrence Vickers was a fullback for the Texans in 2011. Cornelius Brown saw time with four different rosters as a cornerback. Mock said the two are mentors for him and will always have faith in him regardless of the outcome.

Work ethic is a characteristic Mock said he feels will separate him from others. He has been doing sprints on the side of the street and going to the gym before returning to camp in front of his famous spot in at the practice facility.

"I love the process, I love the hunt. This is the hunting process right now."

While Mock received a wave from J.J. Watt, he said he has not had direct communication with the Texans organization or other teams in the NFL. Mock said he will not leave the camping spot until he has an answer. He said perseverance is the key to success and that even if nothing comes out of this, he hopes he is sending a message to the younger generation to never surrender.

"Don't give up on your dreams. I don't care what they say, who they are, you know. You keep pursuing what you want."
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