Wheelchair athlete set to live out his college dream

MISSOURI CITY, TX (KTRK) -- Elkins High School Senior Fabian Romo never let a challenge get in his way, especially when it came to sports.

"I was born with PFFD deficiency, and I was born without my femur bone, and I was missing part of my hip bone, as well. And when I was four, I had my leg amputated," said Romo.

So, as a child, even with a prosthetic leg, he still wanted to play sports with the other kids at school, but as he got older, "it's been hard for me to keep up with the other kids and be a part of any sport."

Then, he discovered the TIRR Memorial Hermann Hotwheels, a wheelchair basketball team three years ago. Romo knew immediately that this was where he needed to be to be athletic, and his coach, Trice Ham, quickly realized he had an exceptional player.

"He's a straight A student, and that's the first thing we look for," says Ham. On top of that, a positive attitude, athletic ability, and leadership skills helped his team to multiple victories.

"Finding out about this program and wheelchair basketball completely changed my life. It allowed me to fulfill my dreams," says Romo.

Thursday, another dream became reality. The University of Texas Arlington signed Romo onto their wheelchair basketball team, and thanks to his straight A academic record, he's also getting a full ride.

"We saw his leadership, and obviously athletic, and he's very humble and appreciative of the things that are done for him. And that's the total package," says UTA Coach Doug Garner.

Romo plans to major in Biomedical Engineering when he's not working on his game.

"It's just too much joy, and I'm so thankful for everything," says Romo, and above all, he says he thanks God for this disability because it taught him not to dwell on things or be negative.
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